We all have our typical cleaning routines; do the dishes every day, wash the floors once a week, clean the bathroom twice a week – but what about the items that don’t fall under your regular cleaning schedule? For example, when last did you degrease your oven or clean your mattress? Some household items should be cleaned more frequently than others. To help you out, we’ve gathered advice from the experts to reveal how often you should be cleaning these common items around your home. Check out the handy infographic below. The Specialists - Houshold
  1. SHEETS: Clean your sheets at least once a week to prevent hay fever, asthma and eczema, which can be triggered by dust mites.
  1. PILLOWS: Like your sheets, keeping your pillows clean can prevent respiratory illnesses. For lighter, dust-free pillows – add them to your washing routine every three to six months.
  1. WINDOWS: This all depends on weather conditions and the location of your windows (near trees, on a busy road, etc.) – but experts recommend you clean your windows at least twice a year, if not more.
  1. MATTRESS: Don’t neglect your mattress – it’s where you spend a majority of your time, after all. We recommend that you give your mattress a good clean every six months to keep it fresh and protected from dust mites.
  1. OVEN: Many of us don’t clean our ovens often enough, leaving grit and grease to build up over time – which can develop into a fire risk. A thorough clean every six months will ensure a cleaner (and safer) oven.
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  1. CARPET: Cleaning your carpets once a year (or even more often) can drastically improve the air quality of a room by removing allergens, bacteria and dust trapped in the carpet’s fibres.
  1. WASHER & DRYER: Washing machines wash themselves, right? Wrong. Washers and dryers are known to harbour all kinds of bacteria, including E.coli and salmonella. Prevent your clothes from potential contamination by giving your washing machine a once over every month.
  1. SINK & DRAIN: The kitchen sink has the second highest concentration of microorganisms in your home, so daily cleaning is highly recommended.
  1. TOILET: Regular cleaning of your toilet should never be underestimated. Use an effective disinfectant to clean the exterior and interior thoroughly at least once a week.
  1. REFRIGERATOR: If you want to make sure that all of your food is stored in a germ-free environment, take the time once a week to empty your fridge and completely wipe it down.
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