For any homeowner, finding a cockroach scurry across the kitchen floor is enough to spark panic. Where there’s one, there’s likely many more hiding in cracks and crevices close by. And, once a cockroach infestation starts, the property owner faces a tough eradication process that will often require the services of a pest control company. It is a widely held misconception that a dirty home is the primary reason for cockroaches to take up residence in your home. While it’s true that the biggest attractant for these pests is food, and an unkempt home with open food sources will attract them – it’s not the only reason. Instead, common roaches that invade homes seek out warmth, moisture and darkness. So, why would cockroaches choose your spotless home to make their own? Here are a few conditions that may contribute to a roach infestation. Leaky Pipes & Dampness Where there is a readily available water source, cockroaches will happily wander in to find it.  They will make a leaky pipe or constantly dripping faucet their water hole, but will also gravitate towards any form of standing water and condensation from refrigerators and air conditioners. Cardboard Boxes & Paper Products Just moved in? If you have a lot of boxes and other packing materials lying around, you could be creating the ideal living environment for cockroaches. It offers both shelter and darkness, and surprisingly, a source of food. Cockroaches will eat food scraps and garbage, but also cardboard, books and even hair. Hot & Humid Locations The majority of cockroach species thrive in hot, humid climates. In South Africa, the warmer summer months brings about prime cockroach breeding season, increasing the chances of an infestation occurring in your home.
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There are many ways to prevent a cockroach infestation, including keeping your house clean. But, if these pests are determined to invade your home, and the conditions are right, it’s time to call the professionals. Click here for a cockroach control quote today!  
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