The holiday season is a time of giving and receiving, but all of that can spell clutter for your home. From holiday decorations and gift-wrapping supplies, to cards, leftover food and new gifts to store – a little post-holiday cleaning and TLC may be the perfect way to end the year on a good note and start a new one fresh. Here are some helpful tips ahead of the holidays to get organised and plan for a clutter-free 2018. Think Oosuiji  Oosouji, which basically translates into “The Big Clean”, is a Japanese New Year tradition in which the final week of the year is devoted to cleaning, decluttering and organising. During this time, homes, offices and schools receive a top-to-bottom cleaning service just in time to welcome in the New Year. According to Organized Home: "Removing the dirt from the old year" creates a clean state of mind to welcome the New Year, and invite prosperity in the year to come. Make Room for Gifts   After the holidays are over, instead of shoving your gifts into an already packed cupboard or leaving them to lie around for weeks, try this simple, practical rule for reducing extra clutter. For every one gift you receive, toss out two older, similar items. For example, if you’re gifted a new set of pyjamas, find two sets that don’t fit or that you never wear, and so on. Put Extra Gift Boxes to Good Use While you’re tossing out items, store them into any gift boxes that you may have accumulated and deliver them to charity. This way, you can cut down on clutter while giving someone else a reason to smile these holidays.
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 Sort First, Then Pack  During the holidays, the simple act of packing away can seem like a mammoth task. Whether you’re just getting back from a vacation, putting away gifts or taking down holiday decorations – it’s easy to start throwing items into random cupboards just to ‘get them out of the way’. Fight the urge and take the time to detangle, fold, box and contain before you store your items away – your future self will thank you.  Be Ruthless & Purge  If you’ve taken leave these holidays, take one day to give your cupboards and closets a once over and get rid of anything you don’t need or that no longer have a purpose. The types of things that should be tossed include: extra plastic containers or containers that are missing lids, paper receipts, old editions of magazines, seldom used or expired beauty products, cracked or peeling belts, unused toys and games, old or mismatched socks and old medication.  Don’t Buy, Re-use  Instead of buying new gift bags and wrapping paper, reuse the ones that you already have or get creative and use materials that you may have lying around. It doesn’t matter if it’s not themed or says; “Happy Birthday” on a Christmas gift – after all, it’s what’s inside that counts. Free Up the Fridge  Everyone’s fridge tends to become a bit crowded around the holiday season, often with delicious leftovers. However, like most of us, these leftovers sometimes get pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten, no matter what your good intentions might have been. Year end is the time to toss out any spoiled or soon-to-be-spoiled items, ready for a clutter-free and healthy start to the New Year.  
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When the holidays are said and done, it is always hard to get back to reality and clean up the mess that comes from hosting guests and relaxing on chores. The benefit of hiring a cleaning service to do your post-holiday cleaning is that you get to enjoy what’s left of your holiday break while ensuring that your home is clean and ready for whatever the New Year will bring.      
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