As a restaurant owner, it’s up to you to defend the reputation of your restaurant, which means maintaining a safe, pest-free environment. Whether you’re dealing with a current pest infestation, or simply putting preventative procedures in place, however, it’s important to understand the risks and outcomes before deciding on which pest control method to use. If you’re considering a DIY solution to your pest control problem, keep these factors in mind to see why calling in a professional pest control company may be the better option. Regulations & Safety Any establishment involved in the handling, storage or preparation of food is governed by ever-tightening policies that make it vital for restaurants, cafés and fast food outlets to take appropriate measures for the detection, prevention and control of pests. In South Africa, industry best practice and statutory obligations are prescribed by the following standards:
  • Occupational Safety Act
  • SANS 10133:1997 (The application of pesticides in food environments)
  • SANS 10049:2012 (Food safety management requirements for prerequisite programmes)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACPP) Compliance
  • SANS 10156:2007 (The Handling of Chilled and Frozen food)
These regulations exist to prevent the misuse of harmful chemicals and pesticides and thereby protect patrons from foodborne disease and food poisoning. For example, pesticides must be applied in an approved way that prevents hazards to employees or other persons, and prevents contamination due to drip, drain, fog, splash or spray on food, materials and equipment. There are also additional specifications surrounding bait stations and rodenticides. The bottom line is that a restaurant owner, manager or other employees aren’t trained in pesticides and most often don’t have the knowledge or experience to apply the products properly to achieve a successful pest control outcome.
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Quality & Effectiveness While there are many types of over-the-counter pesticides and sprays available today, these are often meant for use on a small scale and are simply not as effective as the commercial grade treatments provided by certified pest control professionals. What’s more, a professional technician will have the training and experience to tell you first-hand what is required for your unique situation – giving you peace of mind in control measures that will provide the best results and keep pests at bay for longer. Cost & Time Saving Many restaurant owners opt for DIY pest control solutions because they are perceived as quick, cheap and easy-to-use. The truth is, most of these methods are designed to only kill a few adult pests at a time and do little to stop breeding. As a result, not only is the problem drawn out for longer, but also the cost of trying out multiple remedies with no success often adds up, far outweighing the cost of a pro. A professional pest control service can implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to sustainably and safely address any issues dealing with potential pest threats – ensuring compliance with regulations, saving you time and money, and safeguarding your reputation. Pest Control Solutions for Restaurants and Foodservice Contact The Specialists for a professional pest consultation and pest control quote today
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