While South African winters are not as extreme as in other parts of the world that have to contend with snow and ice – adverse conditions like frost, rain and windy weather can still take a heavy toll on high traffic carpets. Frequent precipitation, moisture retention and increased activity indoors can quickly lead to stubborn stains, damaged fibres, bacteria growth, mould and mildew formation, and bad odours. Follow these tips to keep your carpets clean and dry all Winter long. Keep Cleaning When given the choice between snuggling under a warm blanket with hot chocolate and a movie or cleaning the house in Winter – it’s clear which option will win. But now is not the time to lax on cleaning duties. Make a habit of vacuuming at least once a week and spot clean stains where necessary. Otherwise dirt and debris embedded in the fibres will attract more dirt as time goes on, causing greater damage to the carpet over the course of the Winter. For commercial establishments, a regular deep cleaning routine should be implemented to prevent wear and stains hiding beneath the surface. Invest in Doormats Placing doormats at every entrance can limit the amount of debris and mud that is tracked onto your carpets. Choose doormats that are sturdy enough to scrape off what needs to be scraped off and can be brushed off easily when necessary. For added protection, add an absorbent mat on the inside to collect any leftover moisture that would otherwise seep into the fibres, leaving the carpet fabric damp and become a feeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria to grow.
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Keep Outside Clear In Winter, fallen leaves, muddy patches and wet grass can make for a dirty pathway right to your front door and into your property. While lawn care might not be on the top of your priority list during this time, at the very least, keeping these areas neatly swept and free of loose debris could go a long way to maintaining carpet cleanliness. Consider Dry Carpet Cleaning While vacuuming takes care of surface dirt that you can see, the germs and dirt ingrained deep down in the carpet require more intensive cleaning. While some methods of carpet cleaning that use hot water or steam can take several hours to dry, dry carpet cleaning uses significantly less water, breaks down stubborn dirt easily and dries quickly – minimising the risk of mould growth or bacteria. Keep your carpets clean and fresh this Winter: Click here to get a professional carpet cleaning quote today
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