Every holiday accommodation has its seasonal slumps, especially during the winter months. With proper planning and preparation, however, holiday home owners can use this much needed down time to their advantage to rejuvenate their property for the upcoming spring peak season. 5 Areas to Focus on When Deep Cleaning Your Holiday Home
  1. Windows
Cleaning windows, especially the high ones, is usually a job that is left out of cleaning schedules, especially during high peak seasons with frequent changeovers. The winter off-season offers a perfect opportunity to clean windows inside and out, from top to sill. Likewise, now is the perfect time to take down and deep clean all your curtains to get the years' worth of dust and handling out, as well as to eliminate any dust mites that may be hiding out.
  1. Furniture
The reality of owning and renting out a holiday home is that stains are inevitable, whether it’s a spilled beverage or an overturned dinner. Most of the time, these stains are only caught a day or two later, making them even more difficult to remove. Deep cleaning your upholstery will help you to remove old, stubborn stains from previous guests, while deodorising and refreshing the fabrics for future patrons.
  1. Floors 
When doing a deep clean, the floors are very important, especially in high traffic areas with rugs or carpets where there may be a build-up of dirt from many guests tracking in the outdoors. In addition to vacuuming, you may want to take this time to get your carpets professionally cleaned to remove stains, dirt and other allergens that have settled into the fibres.
  1. Kitchen & Bathroom
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While the kitchen and bathroom may already be part of your routine holiday home cleaning schedule, every now and then, it’s a good idea to take it one step further. In the kitchen, pay attention to appliances where dirt, grime and grease are likely to build up over time. In the bathroom, taps and fittings need to be properly scrubbed to remove soap scum and other residue.
  1. Bedding
Maintaining clean mattresses in your holiday home is vital for the comfort and health of your guests. Taking the time to have them deep cleaned once in a while will not only keep your guests happy, but it will also extend the life of your mattresses, saving money in replacement costs down the line. Using the winter off-season to deep clean can reduce allergens and germs, improve air quality and preserve the appearance of your holiday home, therefore protecting your investment. Interested in hiring a professional holiday home cleaning service? Click here to enquire
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