The holiday season can be a busy time filled with parties, visiting guests, kids’ activities and other events. While it’s important to take this time to relax and have fun, all of the hustle and bustle can take its toll on the cleanliness of your home, especially if routine cleaning has taken a bit of a backfoot. Post-holiday cleaning can be a drag – but here are a few items you don’t want to miss to keep your home clean and germ-free for the new year ahead. The Fridge For many, food is often at the centre of holiday celebrations. If you find that your fridge has been particularly overburdened by treats, leftovers and holiday snacks come January – you might want to do a bit of organising and deep cleaning. Remove all food from your fridge and start over; give the shelves good wipe down, dispose of any food that might have gone off and rearrange the contents how you want. After wiping and cleaning, spray down interior of fridge as well as racks with plain Sterifog available from our online shop. Click here to buy now. Carpets Carpets tend to work extra hard during the holiday season owing to all the added foot traffic and activity. Parties, extra house guests and sticky treats can all create opportunities for holiday stains. For this reason, you may want to get in the big guns to deep clean your carpets and wash away any nasty stains that have settled in to the fibres. Learn more about our carpet cleaning services Upholstery Like the carpets, your couches and other upholstery can take a beating during the holidays from all of the use and abuse. While we recommend that stains are treated as soon as they happen, we also know that you may not always notice them straight away. Scheduling in a deep clean after the holidays will put your furniture back on track to looking good as new.
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Learn more about our upholstery cleaning services Oven If your oven has seen its fair share of holiday cooking, chances are it’s going to need a good cleaning. Getting rid of all the grease, spills and other grime that has burnt onto the inside of the oven can be difficult without the right equipment, supplies and skills so consider leaving this chore to the professionals. Bathrooms While you may have kept up with basic bathroom cleaning tasks to keep it sanitary for guests, a deep cleaning may be in order after the holidays to get it back to sparkling condition. Spend some extra time on areas like shower curtains and floors, around the base of taps, and plug holes to eliminate any scum or grime that have built up. After cleaning your bathrooms, thoroughly spray down all surfaces, taps and the shower floor with plain Sterifog available from our online shop. Click here to buy now. Sure, it’s a great feeling to start the new year with a clean house, but we understand that you may have better things to do than scrubbing the house clean – like spending more time with family and friends and getting started on your new year’s resolutions. Request a free house cleaning estimate from your local Cleaning Specialists franchise today.
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