The Specialists is a proud supporter of the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust’s Rhino Protection Project, whose conservation efforts are geared towards keeping this precious, endangered species alive for future generations. For over 40 years, our commitment has always been focussed on protecting our customers’ health, food and property through professional cleaning and pest control services. We also recognise that it is our responsibility to help protect the places we service and take care of the world around us, including the living creatures that form such an important part of our culture and heritage.

About the Rhino Protection Project

Protecting the Rhinos located inside the Pilanesberg National Park is an ongoing battle to remain one step ahead of poachers. Through donations from the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust and other sources, the park has been able to purchase specialised equipment as well as provide training to field rangers on monitoring rhinos in the field which provides a sound basis for continuing patrols and protection of the animals.

We encourage you to get involved

You too can help the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust make a difference by making a donation towards their cause Ten good reasons to save rhinos:
  1. Rhinos are critically endangered
  2. Rhinos have been around for 50 million years.
  3. Humans have caused the drastic decline in numbers
  4. Rhinos are an umbrella species and an essential link in grassland ecology
  5. Rhinos are charismatic mega-herbivores
  6. Rhinos attract visitors and tourists
  7. In situ conservation programmes need fundraising support
  8. Money funds effective conservation programmes that save rhinos
  9. Many people don’t know that rhinos are critically endangered
  10. We all have an opportunity to get involved
Source: Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust If you would like to learn more about the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust and their Rhino Conservation or to donate, click here to visit their website.