Whether you run a restaurant, a corporate business or an industrial facility, or even if you’re a homeowner – your property is at risk for a rodent infestation. And if you see one rate, there are likely many more hiding out of sight. Inspect these six popular rodent hotspots regularly to make sure you don’t have a budding infestation on your hands.

Kitchen & Equipment

In domestic or commercial kitchens, cabinets and equipment are extremely vulnerable to a range of pests. Rodents in particular are often attracted to food and moisture build up that occurs around plumbing fixtures, cookers and fridges. Make a point to include these areas on your regular cleaning schedule make sure your staff is aware of good sanitation practices such as wiping down counters frequently and mopping up spills and moisture immediately after they happen.

Food Storage & Supply Closets

Storage areas are commonly neglected when it comes to cleanliness, making it a prime spot for rats and mice to hide and thrive undisturbed. Secure these areas to prevent rodent entry and before storing, inspect any cargo or pallets for unwanted hitchhikers. It’s also advised to place supplies on open-backed shelving where possible and keep boxes off the floor to eliminate the potential for nesting sites.

Loading Bays

When receiving shipments, dock doors and receiving areas serve as an easy entry point for rodents. Keeping dock doors closed in between shipments and installing vinyl strip doors can act as a deterrent to rodents and birds.

Waste Disposal Areas

Dumpsters, trash cans and other waste disposal areas are a haven for pests if not maintained properly. It’s important to regulate an ongoing sanitation schedule, making sure that all waste receptacles are emptied frequently, sealed tightly when not in use and kept away from the building.
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Roof Areas & Ceiling Voids

Roofs are a common entry point for both birds and roof rats. Roof rats may climb on tree branches to get on the roof so be sure to trim all tree branches to prevent entry. Regularly inspect your roof and rooftop HVAC units for any openings, which serve as nesting sites. The best protection against rodents entering your property is a comprehensive pest management programme. Contact The Specialists for a no-obligation consultation.
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