Brands work hard to achieve positive associations with their audiences, which ultimately builds integrity for the brand and leads to loyal customers. It would be a pity if all that effort went to waste because of a bad washroom experience. That’s right, your brand image is not just about the message you send out in public, but also the impression you create when people visit you at your place of business.

Watch the video below to find out just how much washroom hygiene can impact how consumers as well as employees perceive your brand.


Wondering how you can improve your washroom experience for customers and employees? Here are some of the things that aggravate public restroom users.

Unpleasant smells

There’s nothing worse than walking into a restroom that smells bad, but this is the number 1 complaint that people have about commercial washrooms. While it’s not always easy to control what goes on in your restroom, it is possible to manage bad odours by installing automatic air fresheners that not only smell good but also cleanse and purify the air.

Empty or jammed dispensers

Toilet paper, soap and paper towels are essential supplies that promote good personal hygiene in a public restroom. Not keeping dispensers properly stocked and in good working condition will easily anyone who enters and could leave a lasting impression long after they’ve left.

Not enough facilities

Nobody wants to have to lean over someone else to use the soap dispenser or wait in line for the hand dryer. Depending on the level of traffic your washroom receives, be sure to provide enough facilities and hygiene products to go around. It’s also vitally important that female washrooms include feminine hygiene sanitary units to ensure that you are providing a dignified and hygienic washroom experience.

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Overflowing bins

Bins that aren’t emptied and sanitised regularly are unsightly and messy, not to mention nobody wants to have to push down rubbish into the bin to fit more in – it’s dirty and unsanitary and creates a negative impression of hygiene standards.


Dirty or sticky floors are the top turnoff for public restroom users, followed closely by unflushed toilets, paper towels or toilet paper on the floor, and water around the sink area. It’s important to establish cleaning frequencies to clean and disinfect surfaces frequently using products that are effective against bacteria and common viruses.

It’s clear that the condition and cleanliness of commercial washrooms are always in the spotlight and should never be underestimated by brands. Reinforce your brand message with hygienically clean and uniform hygiene facilities.

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