When it comes to doing business, ensuring that people can do their ‘business’ hygienically and safely is critical to protect your company’s reputation and the health of everyone who comes into contact with it.

Many businesses get washroom hygiene wrong, they don’t comply with legislation, they don’t maintain equipment and supplies often enough, their cleaning operatives aren’t fully trained, or they don’t follow a regular cleaning schedule. The result is an unpleasant washroom experience that creates negative perceptions and potentially exposes visitors to disease.

People have complaints for a reason. A poor hygiene culture makes people feel undervalued, increases absenteeism and reflects badly on the management of your business.

It’s therefore essential to know what your customers and staff think about your washroom and the key areas of importance that they look for when judging a restroom.

The Top 5 Washroom Complaints People Make

Toilets clogged or not flushed

Poor maintenance combined with bad user behaviours could render toilets unusable, which can be a problem when you’re catering for a large number of people.

Turn it into a compliment: A regular cleaning schedule will ensure that toilets are kept clear and clean, at that any plumbing issues are reported immediately.

Unpleasant odours

A bad smelling washroom is enough to turn off any potential visitor. While you can’t always change the behaviours that create these odours, you can effectively remove it.

Turn it into a compliment: In addition to cleaning regularly, install air fresheners and odour neutralisers to keep your washroom smelling good and clean all day long.

Soap dispensers that don’t work

Even more frustrating than empty soap dispensers are faulty soap dispensers that don’t dispense correctly or cleanly from the container.
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Turn it into a compliment: Part of proper restroom cleaning includes ensuring that there is enough soap in your dispensers as well as reporting any faulty dispensers.

Empty or jammed paper dispensers

There’s nothing more annoying than washing your hands only to find nowhere to dry them. And if automatic hand dryers aren’t available, the only option left is the ‘wipe hands on pants’ method.

Turn it into a compliment: Make sure you have the proper hand drying facilities available and that dispensers are stocked up on a regular basis.

Overflowing trash receptacles

A bin that is too full is not only unsightly for visitors but also causes odours and makes throwing anything else away difficult, often resulting in rubbish landing on the floor.

Turn it into a compliment: Make sure that your trash receptacles are emptied and cleaned regularly.

Tick all the boxes for a positive washroom experience and keep complaints to a minimum. Get in touch to find out about our complete washroom hygiene solutions