Cleaning is a critical form of keeping away germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi from your home and office. Unhealthy and dirty environments cause illnesses that could have been avoided. As a business, we offer a variety of cleaning services to keep your environment sanitary, some methods include:

Pressure Cleaning

A tool consisting of two to four high-pressure jets on a rotating bar that swivels when water is flowing creates a uniformed cleaning pattern that leaves the surface hygienic and spotless.

Green Cleaning

Even though some people may be allergic and sensitive to harsh chemicals, there are eco-friendly techniques to clean your business or home. Green cleaning, or better known as eco-friendly cleaning, offers non-toxic chemicals and leaves no harmful residue on surfaces.

Commercial and Household Cleaning

A popular type of cleaning which includes carpet cleaning, cleaning of windows, vacuuming, and removing unwanted impurities. It not only leaves the surface and environment looking and smelling fresh, but it also promotes a hygienic atmosphere.

Terminal and Environmental Cleaning

The process which is used in healthcare facilities to regulate and neutralize the spreading of infections. This technique ensures that the surroundings are well disinfected and sanitized. The use of quality cleaning equipment will guarantee a germ-free zone and promote a healthier environment. While there are several tools and equipment to choose from, it is important to know the type of tool to use and its functionality. In addition to traditional cleaning methods, it is imperative to declutter your space as this provides a healthier ambiance. Here are some other cleaning hacks you can try: • Put fragrance in an air humidifier • Use a fragranced multipurpose cleaner in the bottom of a toilet brush holder • Use vodka to remove stubborn odours
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