How Does The Weather Affect Pest Problems?

Change in seasons or weather, may affect insects one way or another. When the weather changes, so does the amount of activity for pests. Different weather patterns may have different effects on pests, which might seek shelter in human habitations.
Different Weather Conditions & How They Affect Pests
Pests in Dry Weather
Like humans, pests need water to survive, and the dry weather is a problem for most of them. The dry weather can negatively affect the insects’ food supply. Water is necessary for them to reproduce and live. For easier access to supplies, they may build nests closer to your home or worse still inside.
Pests During Flooding

Water is great for pests and necessary for them to survive, however too much of anything, isn’t always good. In an area that is flooding, you need to be careful about one particular pest – Ants! Some pests cannot handle too much water, but ants will ride the wave. They use the flow of water to get to a new location, by making a raft. This means you can have an infestation of ants quickly. Even in normal rainfall, without floods, you need to be ready to deal with an influx of pests. This can lead to more pests getting into your home in search of food.
Cold Weather Affecting Rodents and Insects

Cold temperatures will send many pests into hibernation, not all of them though. Pests, such as rodents are problematic even in cold weather. In search of food and a place to nest, they will go into a home. Insects are cold-blooded creatures, so the weather affects them differently than warm-blooded humans and animals. Spiders are always around, hiding out in cracks and crevices in the home, coming out during mating season. The wetness is a great catalyst for pests to reproduce.
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