The Importance of Food Safety and Hygiene In The Food Industry

It goes without saying, that there has been a steady rise in the number of diseases, that have stemmed from lack of hygiene and good food safety, in the last few years. We have had to learn about the dangers of Salmonella Infection (which is a common bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract) and how one can simply get it from contaminated water and food. Another disease that has shocked the world most recently, was Listeria, a disease that caused mayhem and fear in South Africa and had people throwing out all their cold meat.

These two illnesses, and many others can be prevented by simply practicing good hygiene when handling and preparing food. Good food hygiene and safety are particularly important in the industries that serve food to the public, such as restaurants. Business owners of these establishments, should take the following precautions to avoid contaminating food or possibly causing food poisoning:

• Washing hands thoroughly before preparing food, during and after

• Washing vegetables and fruit

• Store food in the right way (perishable food in cold storage, and dry food in dry areas)

• Clean surfaces and sanitize to remove all kinds of hidden bacteria

• Ensure strict temperature control – keeping foods cold ensures that your food does not expire before the “use-by-date”

• Keep cooking and kitchen utensils clean at all times

• Separate raw and ready to use food

Following these easy everyday good habits, should help keep illnesses at bay and help keep your health at optimum level.
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