A trail of ants feeding on your lunch leftovers or your colleague complaining about itchy bites may not that much of a big of deal to you. Even though we spend much of our time and waking days at work, the work space is not much of your personal space and you may think that worrying about a roach or ants in the office is not your concern. Guess what? You should worry about them just as much as they frustrate you in your home.

When pests set up residence in your office, Chances are, they can easily hitch a ride home with you inside your backpack/purse/lunch container or on top of your clothes. Cockroaches, ants and bed bugs are known as resourceful hitchhikers that can easily find their way into any area that provides them with food and water sources – and that includes your home, as well.

The presence of the above mentioned pests in the office, one can never hold a meeting in confidence. It will not only negatively impact you in the office but at home too.

cockroaches - feed primarily on regular food discarded by humans. May also be found feeding on paper materials, glue and paste. Known to transport microbes in their bodies, pathogens and viruses which are potentially dangerous to humans. The most effective form of cockroach control is to eliminate moisture build up around the home.

Rodents - are the scariest of workplace encounters and one of the most damaging pests to have in the office. They are known to cause serious damage in an office environment by chewing on stored files and electrical wires that could destroy work systems. Mice and rats multiply quickly, and in heavily infested environments, their urine, excrement, and dead skin flakes can trigger asthma attacks.

Bed Bugs - Not associated with any disease and do not pose relevant risks to a building’s integrity. Having them in the office is hard to tolerate, as they multiply at incredible rates and feed off people’s blood.

Flies - they are undoubtedly one of the most annoying pests, known to contaminate food products and surfaces by spreading more than 100 different kinds of disease-causing organisms picked up on the silla on their bodies. To prevent flies from becoming a nuisance, staff should assist the cleaning staff by keeping the office as clean as possible and remove dust bins regularly.

Ants and Moths - Dig out food off the dustbin and all have undesirable presences in a place of business.

What To Do about Pests Ransacking Your Office?

1. Identify and eliminate problem areas.

Kitchen, dustbins and bathrooms. Move furniture around and apply correct control treatment.

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2. Eliminate Clutter.

Disorganized storage areas provide excellent hiding spots for bed bugs, while leaving food on your desk overnight will bring in armies of cockroaches, ants, and rodents.

3. Call In Professional Assistance.

Trained pest management professionals have the necessary equipment and expertise to not only locate problem areas and use safe control options to eliminate infestations, but also to prevent future outbreaks in your office.

If the pest problem is bigger than your office can take and looking for professional help, clink on the link

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