When moving out of a place you once occupied, packing up is the only factor you are likely to worry about. That is when you realise that you have way more stuff than when you initial moved in. An important factor that becomes evident when all the boxes are packed up is that the place needs a thorough post-occupational cleaning which you don't even have time for...End-of-lease, aka professional post-occupational cleaning, is the only viable answer.


A deposit is paid before moving in as a means of security so that whatever damage you may cause to the place within the occupation period, that money will be used to cover it. The cleanliness of a place is as important when it comes to getting your deposit back. Marks and stains on the walls, mould, and grime in the bathroom, streaks on windows, carpet stains, and dirty floors.  All of these could be reasons why you would get a reduced or no deposit back at all.  A thorough post-occupational cleaning service is beneficial to you because it will save your deposit. In these uncertain times, nobody wants to lose money unnecessarily and also it is a courtesy to the new tenant.


When moving into a new place, it is possible that the former occupant skipped out on professional cleaning services and opted for DIY. You were never part of their cleaning process, so you don’t know what is clean or just clean on the surface. Carpet cleaning needs to be handled by professionals to remove germs, dust mites, and bacteria to avoid any allergies or asthma flaring up. The same applies to mould. The presence of mould can trigger allergy symptoms resulting in compromised breathing. Stains and streaks are not a great welcome note when you move in. If they are not taken care of by the previous tenant, they become your problem to obsess over trying to remove.
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Professional pre-occupational cleaning ensures that your new home is clean and hygienically clean. Using advanced deep cleaning methods and industry-approved products. The Specialists have a tailor-made and comprehensive cleaning solution for you whether you're moving in or out.  Need cleaning services CLICK HERE
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