DIY pest control and professional pest control both have their pros and cons, and which option is best depends on the severity of the pest problem and the preferences of the individual.   Life as of late requires one to troubleshoot and “Do It Yourself” through tasks that we would previously call professionals for. Valeant as the effort may be in order to save a penny or two, but is your DIY way the most suitable to get the best results?   When it comes to pest control, most grab an aerosol that promises to get rid of any cockroach, ant, fly, mosquito, etc., in sight. Walking into the shops to purchase such products is easy enough, but are they giving you the same caliber of results you would get if you hired a professional pest control company to do the job? good question.   Store-bought pest eradication products only address the symptoms and not the cause or source. When you see a cockroach, you spray them, and they die right? What about their family hiding behind the fridge, in the oven, around the geyser, and in cupboards? The root of the infestation has not been addressed and eliminated. With their fast reproduction rate of just 36 days from baby cockroach to adult, using aerosols is a fleeting effort. Did you know: Pests later build immunity to these products which means they are able to survive even though you have been trying your best to eliminate every single one in sight?   The reality is, DIY methods may not be as effective in controlling more severe infestations or for dealing with pests that require specialised equipment or expertise to handle.  
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Professional pest control, on the other hand, takes into consideration the type of pest, the root of the infestation, and subsequent prevention measures to ensure that the pests stay away. Professional products have specialised active ingredients which target specific pests and their level of immunity. As well as monitoring the site after administering the products, we also return for follow-ups after the service has been rendered.   We take into account the type of site (home/office/warehouse/soil/foundation), size and location that requires pest control. Different sites need different methods. This means that there are a variety of methods and different product concentrations that are suitable for different sites. It’s not just a spray-and-pray-away endeavour. We take time to assess the infestation and find the root of it all to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.   Professional pest control is a holistic service that covers every angle and behaviour of the pests and eradicates them thereafter.
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