Pest control best practice is essential in order to ensure both the quality of the service, as well as the results of the procedures. Very few people are experts on the topic, which means that it’s often hard to know where to start. Ideally, your pest control company of choice should keep you updated throughout the pest control procedure. Adequate communication channels ensure that both parties are on the same page at all times. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your pest control service, as well as the answers that they need to be able to provide. Q: What criteria should I use to evaluate my options in order to select a company? A: The pest control company must have the required industry accreditations regarding safety best practice and environmental compliance.  There should be thorough evacuation protocol for children, pets and plants. A company that’s been in the industry for a number of years is generally one of repute. If a pest control company offers a guarantee, establish what it covers, how long it lasts and what your obligation to the guarantee is. In addition, it’s advisable that you gather several quotes before deciding on a service provider. Keep in mind that you’re making a decision that affects both your health and safety – which means that if a company doesn’t meet all of the above criteria, it’s advisable that you seek an alternative pest control provider. Q: Do I need to shut down my business for a day in order for pest control measures to be conducted? A: In most cases, the evacuation of a premises is only necessary when a full fumigation is done.  Your pest control company should indicate whether this is necessary or not. If you do need to close up shop for the day, they should also inform you whether they’ll be able to conduct their services in your absence.
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Q: Does the company offer a post-service checkup or phone call? A: A reputable pest control service will communicate with you after the procedure to in order to ensure that you’re satisfied with the service provided. Companies like The Specialists pride themselves on theirbefore, during and after their service. Q: Upon returning to my house, what protocol should I follow? A: Reputable companies will leave your premises in the same state that they found it in. In addition, they’ll also communicate which (if any) surfaces need to be wiped down. They will either store any foodstuffs away from harm themselves, or inform you before the procedure whether or not you should do this. Image Credit: Ego Studio
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