Business pest control services are a must for all types of businesses and yet, many business owners and property managers are unaware of how important this service is. Many businesses make use of intermittent pest control instead of contracted business pest control. Contracted business pest control means that your premises and office remains pest-free at all times. This in turn makes for a hygienic work environment which keeps your employees healthy at all times. By ensuring your work force remains healthy you also reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Business owners and property managers have sullied beliefs about contracted business pest control. We have debunked a few of the most popular but incorrect beliefs about business pest control here:

D.I.Y methods are effective enough.

DIY methods don’t offer a long-lasting effect that prevents infestations from reoccurring. Professional business pest control will treat any type of pest effectively and efficiently so that the pest doesn’t reoccur. A professional pest controller will also put in place a maintenance plan that will prevent any infestations.

Professional business pest control companies don’t always fix the problem.

Business pest control service providers offer a guarantee on their work because they use respected and trusted methods. This means that they can always fix the problem and ensure that the problem doesn’t return.

All business pest control services do is spray chemicals.

Professional business pest control service providers offer an integrated pest management program which means that chemicals are only a small part of the prevention programme. Furthermore, only insecticides which are safe for the environment are applied. Professional pest controllers will also inspect the premises and ensure that the environment remains as unattractive to various pests as possible. Business pest control services scout for potential pests in the area and remove all sources of food and water that might signal them to infest your premises.
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Professional business pest control services are an indulgence.

While many believe that your in-house cleaning crew can handle your pest control problems too, this is untrue. It would dangerous to expect your office cleaner to handle your pest control as they will not have the correct equipment, the high-quality products or the wherewithal to handle pest control. These are only four myths but there are many more. To see more myths debunked check out our professional guide on Pest Control and Your Business. Alternatively, if you would like to make use of a robust pest control management system then contact The Specialists directly. We have a comprehensive range of products and a team of expertly trained pest controllers who can manage all your pest control needs. New Call-to-action  
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