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 About The Specialists


The Specialists are committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment. To substantiate this, we have adopted 'Caring for your Environment' as our corporate motto more than two decades ago. We consistently observe the highest standards in environmentally friendly practices in all facets of our business operations, thereby ensuring that our services are truly 'green'. SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT The Specialists comply fully with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993) in the implementation of all systems and services that we render. We endeavour to follow the NOSA SHE system which specifies certain Safety, Health and Environmental standards. We are also fully compliant with the Hazardous Substance Act (15 of 1953), which pertains to certain chemicals and solutions used in specific processes. Due to the nature of our operation, we subscribe fully to the Health Act (63 of 1977) and Skills Development Act (97 of 1998). Relevant SABS Safety Standards are implemented throughout our operations.