Visual Cleanliness vs. Cleaning for Health

Sparkling washrooms, dust free furniture, dust free floors…if a surface does not look dirty does that mean it’s clean? Anyone who has been in the cleaning industry knows that it doesn’t.

Take the following example

You drop an open can of soda on the floor. Ok, no problem, a mop and bucket of water takes care of the mess. But does it really? Have you ever noticed how the spillage area gets dirtier and dirtier as the day progresses? That’s because any speck of dirt is glued to the residual stickiness left by the cold drink – despite your efforts!

Before we clean, we need to understand why we clean

To Improve Sanitary Conditions and Maintain Health

Additionally, we are fully complaint regarding UIF, Tax Compliancy, Skills Development Levy, and Compensation of Occupational and Industrial Disease (COID)

To Maintain and Prolong the Life Surfaces

When it comes to cleaning, if you do not understand germ killing, you’re probably not doing it. Killing germs and bacteria does not result from cleaning for appearance, but from knowledge of what it takes to kill bacteria and the proper procedures to do so. There are many ways to improve the appearance of a surface, but there are only a few that actually make the surface sanitary, or disinfecting. Of course, cleaning for health improves appearance as well: Cleaning gets rid of the dirt so the germs have no place to hide. A win-win for health and appearance!
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