Disinfecting Services

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Disinfecting Services

Cleaning Specialists are experienced experts in microbial control. As such we offer a unique, fogging service to disinfect those hard to access problem areas in a variety of industries, including healthcare, food preparation, pharmaceutical, and much more. Regular disinfecting is necessary to prevent microbes from multiplying. Using state of the art fogging equipment, we can disinfect the most difficult to access area from floor to ceiling.

Why choose Microbial Fogging services from Cleaning Specialists?

Providing disinfecting services since 1991

All our cleaners are rigorously trained internally to ensure high levels service delivery

Our treatments are environmentally safe

We’re members of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association)

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National Support Line: 0860 08 08 08

What we offer:

Disinfectant Sanitisation Solutions

disinfectant that eliminates a broad spectrum of microscopic organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, algae and dust mites.

quick & effective solutions

The process of microbial fogging is quick, allowing any facility to be disinfected without disruptions to operations.

Environmentally safe

The products that we use are environmentally safe ensuring the health and safety of the environments we work in.
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