Grease Trap Cleaning

Our specialised cleaning system for fat traps is effective, environmentally safe and cost-effective. A dosage system provides regular applications of an environmentally safe degreaser (SABS approved) into fat traps, effectively converting the fat into biodegradable soap that breaks down within 30 days, keeping your fat traps clear and clean.

Why choose us to clean your Grease Trap?

We’ve been treating grease traps since 1991

All our cleaners are rigorously trained internally to ensure high levels service delivery

Our grease trap treatment is environmentally sustainable

We’re members of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association)

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What we offer:

Food safety is our priority

We use only environmentally-safe cleaning agents and comply with the pre-requisite programmes that support HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points).

A convenient solution

Our efficient cleaning process ensures that your grease traps are cleaned in double quick time, ensuring minimal downtime for your commercial kitchen.

Health and Safety

All of our cleaning staff are trained in healthy and safety best practice, so you’re guaranteed to experience superior service that’s delivered in the safest way possible.

Tips to maintain your Grease Trap properly:

Grease traps must be cleaned at least once a month to maintain an efficient operation.
Minimise the amount of food waste that goes down the sink.
Install a solids basket in your sink to prevent food particles from clogging the sink.
Avoid pouring hot liquids such as boiling oil or water down into the grease trap sink.
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