Mattress Cleaning

We spend a third of our life in bed and it is the most important part of our resting cycle. Yet people don’t realise that mattresses provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria as it’s warm, dark, and damp. These bugs can cause itchiness, odours, asthma and sinus problems which can be prevented or treated by regular mattress cleaning.

Why get Mattress Cleaning Services from us?

We’ve been treating mattresses since 1991

All our cleaners are rigorously trained internally to ensure high levels service delivery

Our products and treatments are environmentally safe

We’re members of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association)

Are you itchy? Do you have dust mites? National Support Line: 0860 08 08 08
What we offer:

A highly effective mattress cleaning solution

Our tried and tested treatments removes general dust, stains, odours, mould, bacteria and parasites like dust mites or bed bugs allowing for a good night sleep.

A unique solution to prevent allergies

Our mattress cleaning solution and specialised equipment will prevent the onslaught of allergies.

mattress cleaning offering a deep clean

Our mattress cleaning methodologies allow for a deep clean that will give you a fresh and comfortable night’s rest.

Why is regular mattress cleaning important?

90% of dust mites are located in the mattress as the location of their food source - dead skin
It only takes 6 months for a new mattress takes to get infested with dust mites
The dust mites and bacteria breed in the areas of the mattress that is dark and warm
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