Advanced Disinfecting

The spread of infection has become a major public health concern in Southern Africa and around the world, especially with the increasing threat of resistance to antimicrobial drugs such as antibiotics, and the emergence of new infectious diseases.

As a result, environmental cleaning and disinfection services have become a critical first line of defence in preventing the spread of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. There are many different methods of surface disinfection, including circulation, dipping, flooding, immersion, spraying, fogging and wiping.

Disinfecting may be required in the following areas:

“High touch” surfaces

Surfaces where contamination is assumed

Surfaces with visible contamination

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Microfobial Fogging:

This method of surface disinfection is preferred to significantly reduce bacteria and allergens in closed environments such as hospitals, doctor’s rooms, restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms and pharmaceutical facilities. Learn more about our microbial fogging solution

How it works:

An aerosol containing high level, non-toxic disinfectant is released in a controlled setting. The aerosol creates a mist that penetrates every exposed surface area, including hard-to-reach places where microbes thrive.

What makes microbial fogging services so effective is that it eliminates germs where manual cleaning is difficult or inadequate. Because the disinfectant bonds to virtually any surface, it can target and kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria that causes illnesses and odours.

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