Fat Trap Cleaning

Also known as grease traps or interceptors, fat traps are required in commercial and industrial kitchens to prevent hot fat, grease and oil from entering the sewer system and causing blockages.

In order for fat traps to work properly and efficiently, they need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. If you are a restaurant owner, kitchen manager or working with a fat trap in your establishment, you are also required to comply with wastewater by-laws which dictate:

Offences and Penalties of the By-Law Chapter 1, Section 3: Protection of Municipal Sewers:

Waste, oil, grease and fats should be collected by a licensed waste oil collector at regular intervals and a copy of the waste transfer certificate must be kept for at least two years, and be made available for inspection as per the applicable wastewater by-laws.

If the grease trap is not properly maintained, the occupier may be liable for any damages to the sewer and the industrial effluent permit be withdrawn, and/or the entire industrial effluent discharge blocked off from the municipal sewer.

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