Mall Cleaning

The cleaning of a shopping mall is no small feat. Countless factors need to be considered when tackling large-scale malls with high levels of foot traffic around the clock. Ensuring that windows, floors, restrooms and carpets are sparkling clean isn’t for the faint of heart. If you want to make sure that every single area of your retail space is thoroughly clean, making use of professional mall cleaning services is crucial. Our on-site staff are able to provide you with mall cleaning services that are tailored to your specific needs. In addition, they’re trained in a wide variety of mall cleaning services, by industry experts with extensive experience. Our mall cleaning services include: floor cleaning, window cleaning, ablution cleaning, parking area maintenance and more.

Why make use of our mall cleaning services?

Our cleaning services have been trusted and recommended since 1991

All technicians are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure their safety where required

Our staff are thoroughly trained by industry experts, ensuring a highly skilled and certified service team

We’re a member of the NCCA (National Contact Cleaners Association)

Contact us today National Support Line: 0860 08 08 08
What we offer:


Whether you’re looking for mall cleaning services for a small retail outfit, or for a large-scale operation, we’ll tailor our services to meet all of your unique requirements.


Our expertise backed by decades of experience, which means that when it comes to mall cleaning, we know it all. Every single branch of is owner-run, ensuring that every client is provided with superior customer care.


We offer green commercial cleaning services that are kind to the environment, yet equally as powerful as their chemical counterparts.

Mall cleaning tips from the experts:

Ensure colour coded cloths are used in bathrooms to avoid cross contamination from toilet seats and urinals to wash basins, etc.
Clean mop heads daily, and leave in the sun to dry
Cleaning chemicals must always be in clearly marked containers
Have schedules for cleaners in order to maintain productivity levels
Only use a contract cleaning provider who is compliant with legal regulations in terms of staff benefits, such as UIF, Skills Levy Fund, a provident fund, annual bonus, etc.
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