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Protecting our customers’ health, food and property since 1991 - safely and reliably. As part of The Specialists Franchise Group, Cleaning Specialists™ is the leading provider of professionally outsourced cleaning services for homes, offices, factories and commercial buildings throughout Southern Africa – specialising in both once-off and long-term contracts.


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Cleaning articles

5 Hallmarks of an Audit Approved Pest Management Programme

For any company that handles food or beverage products – whether it’s a restaurant, food truck, producer, exporter, manufacturer, supermarket, caterer, or retail food store – ensuring food safety is becoming increasingly important. Ever-tightening policies and...

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Beyond the Clean: Caring for Your Cleaning Supplies

When we use common cleaning tools like mops, cloths, brooms, dusters and squeegees, we expect them to do one thing: clean! However, in using these tools for cleaning, most people automatically assume that they are clean to begin with. In actual fact, cleaning tools...

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The Top 5 Things That Turn People Off Commercial Washrooms

Brands work hard to achieve positive associations with their audiences, which ultimately builds integrity for the brand and leads to loyal customers. It would be a pity if all that effort went to waste because of a bad washroom experience. That’s right, your brand...

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4 Risks of Poor Washroom Hygiene

Dirty cubicles, bad smells and lack of sanitation facilities are often associated with poor washroom hygiene. More than unsightly and unpleasant, however, an unhygienic or unsanitary environment can actually increase risks to health, safety and welfare in the...

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How to Prep Your Home for a Professional Clean

Cleaning up before the cleaner comes. it may sound silly, but there’s sense behind the saying. While the real cleaning should be left to the person you’ve hired to clean, there are still a few things you can do beforehand to ensure that you get the kind of service you...

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7 Steps to Better Commercial Washroom Hygiene

The cleanliness level of commercial washrooms is essential to maintaining health and safety while ensuring user satisfaction. People may not remember your establishment for a clean bathroom, but you can be sure that a dirty and...

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5 Common Hotspots for Rodent Infestations

Whether you run a restaurant, a corporate business or an industrial facility, or even if you’re a homeowner – your property is at risk for a rodent infestation. And if you see one rate, there are likely many more hiding out of sight. Inspect these six popular rodent...

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Good Food Hygiene Starts with these 3 Principles

Preventing the contamination of food is essential to running a safe and effective food business, whether it’s the manufacture, supply, preparation or processing of food. Andrew Routledge, professional chef and writer describes the four recognised principles by which...

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Airborne Chemicals Exposed: VOCs & Indoor Air Quality

Whether or not you’ve heard of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they’re affecting the air we breathe in a big way – and the biggest culprits are the cleaning products we use make our homes cleaner and healthier. Take a look at the infographic below to find out more...

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The Hidden Hazards of Chemical Residues as a Food Safety Issue

Whether seen or unseen, residues left behind by many of today’s cleaners may actually directly affect food safety and integrity and pose health risks to consumers. Any business involved in the handling of food must comply with an increasingly complex web of policies,...

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