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Five steps to pest control for restaurants

in a restaurant can make or break the establishment. By employing excellent standards of hygiene and practices the reputation of your restaurant will remain intact. Whereas if the standard is sub-par your restaurant will not only lose face and lose patrons but they...

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Dirty mattress: Is there something scary in your bed?

Sleeping on a dirty mattress can cause nightmares. Not the ones that occur while you’re sleeping but rather, a living nightmare directly affecting your health.  We spend a lot of time sleeping and during those resting hours, we shed dead skin cells and sweat out...

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The simple truth about pest control products and your baby

Pest control products are designed to specifically target pests that are found in the home. So surely they are safe? But there is still a nagging suspicion that they may not be, especially for our children. Although pest control is important for the safety and hygiene...

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Pest control methods to combat June’s pests of the month

Pests prefer certain seasons – in summer, mosquitoes love to buzz around your head and bite your ankles; in winter, the rats infiltrate, needing to come inside from the cold. A targeted approach is useful in managing pests – you need to know which month they...

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10 of the most common questions asked about bird proofing

Contrary to Julie Andrews' famous line in the classic movie Mary Poppins, don't feed the birds. The scene we're referring to sees Mary Poppins hand out not only bread crumbs, but terrible advice too.. Birds can be an unpleasant menace and pest – ask any homeowner or...

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