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Load shedding best practice for businesses in South Africa

South Africans across the country are scrambling to stock up on candles, solar-powered appliances and generators after Eskom’s recent re-instatement of rolling blackouts. This comes after their announcement that load shedding is set to last for the next three years....

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Drawing up a tenant contract? Read this first.

Managing and leasing property can be a lucrative investment – one that’s also fraught with challenges. Nurturing a relationship between the body corporate, managing agent, landlord and tenants take some wherewithal. It’s a no brainer then that your tenant contract is...

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Life hack: Your pantry pest problems, solved.

After drooling over Nigella’s risotto recipe for weeks, a friend decided to conquer her fear of anything vaguely domestic and whip up what she assured us would be a meal worthy of Masterchef. Unfortunately, we never got to taste the infamous dish. The reason? Weevils!...

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Wondering how to get rid of flies?

Summer time brings with it a whole host of glorious benefits. Holidays, sun-soaked days and balmy nights. Unfortunately summer is also fly season, and without knowing a little bit about these problematic pests, it’s impossible to get rid of flies. Besides being a...

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