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Life hack: Your pantry pest problems, solved.

After drooling over Nigella’s risotto recipe for weeks, a friend decided to conquer her fear of anything vaguely domestic and whip up what she assured us would be a meal worthy of Masterchef. Unfortunately, we never got to taste the infamous dish. The reason? Weevils!...

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Wondering how to get rid of flies?

Summer time brings with it a whole host of glorious benefits. Holidays, sun-soaked days and balmy nights. Unfortunately summer is also fly season, and without knowing a little bit about these problematic pests, it’s impossible to get rid of flies. Besides being a...

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How to turn your restaurant into a fine dining experience

Whether you’re a chef or a passionate foodie who owns or manages a restaurant, you’re driven by one thing and one thing only – giving your patrons the best possible experience. Turning your restaurant into a fine dining experience may sound like a pipe dream, but hear...

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Renewed focus on health and safety in the mining industry.

A health and safety working group has been established by the five major stakeholders in the South African mining industry. Mining Innovation News reported that companies - including industry giant AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. - had formed the group in order to tackle the...

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Frustrated by flea bites? Our guide to flea control

Ah, that all too familiar sensation. Whether you’ve recently cuddled a furry friend or holidayed in some questionable accommodation, few things are as irritating as being on the receiving end of flea bites. Unfortunately, catching the culprits can be difficult, to...

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