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Powder post beetle – the ticking time-bomb of pests.

What do gleaming wooden floors, an original Art Deco drinks trolley and a bag of braai wood have in common? They’re all potential homes of powder post beetles. Older South African homes typically consist of timber structures. Supporting beams, wooden decks or floors,...

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Our top tips to home cleaning the green way.

The pungent smell of bleach and anti-bacterial sprays once signalled a sparkling clean abode. Today, home cleaning methods hark back to the days when industrious housekeepers made their own home cleaning solutions. As families seek safer, more environmentally-friendly...

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Ants in your pant (ry)? Our guide to ant control.

Thanks to their incredible work-ethic, industrious nature and habit of appearing (seemingly) out of nowhere, ants have rightfully earned themselves a formidable reputation. What this means for homeowners however, is that they’ll inevitably encounter these busy-bodies...

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