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When to call the water damage specialists

Every year, the damage caused by water costs homeowners and businesses millions. Dealing with a burst geyser, or water pipe or flood damage is inconvenient and unpleasant. Unfortunately, water damage is a reality. The best way to prepare yourself for what can be a...

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The evolution of cockroach control

Cockroaches are universally, one of the most loathed pests. Urban areas, especially with concentrated populations, are perfect breeding grounds thanks to the proliferation of food sources for roaches.  Cockroaches are associated with filth and decay and not something...

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Gear up for National Braai Day with our favourite braai ideas

A favourite pastime of South Africans young and old alike, gathering around a braai is our nation’s preferred way of spending lazy summer days and long, languishing evenings underneath the stars. In fact, South Africans love braaing so much that we’ve dedicated a...

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How to take the pain out of golf club cleaning

The cleaning and maintaining of golf club grounds is a massive undertaking. While the care of the green is left to a professional golf course specialist, a myriad of areas remain. The bar, restrooms, spa, parking and reception area require constant maintenance. Club...

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Why the Kaizer Chiefs should get into ceiling cleaning.

What could a soccer team possibly have in common with ceiling cleaning specialists? As it turns out, way more than you might have thought. The Kaizer Chiefs – one of Mzanzi’s most loved soccer teams – share several core qualities that superior ceiling cleaning...

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Why a deep clean will help to quick-sell a house

Having a house deep-cleaned is the quickest, foolproof way to get it feeling and looking thoroughly spotless and cared for. Deep-cleaning addresses the issues of underlying dirt that is not visible to the eye and sees to it that dirt is stopped at the source. This...

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