Cockroach Control

Cockroach control is especially important for commercial establishments as well as public spaces such as schools, clinics, hospitals and care facilities. Not only are these pests awful to have around, but they also carry serious diseases and their droppings can cause respiratory diseases in people exposed to infestations.

If untreated, cockroaches can multiply very quickly and will spread to adjoining properties in a short space of time. Getting rid of cockroaches before it becomes a big problem requires the help of professional cockroach control services, provided by the Pest Control Specialists.

Why get cockroach control treatment from us?

We’ve been managing cockroach infestations since 1978

Our products reach where cockroaches hide

We provide a wide range of cockroach control solutions

Our highest priority is safety

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What we offer:

A comprehensive range of cockroach control Solutions

We provide a full range of effective cockroach control programmes to deal with all cockroach infestations including german coackroaches.

We use ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE AND Innovative Solutions

We provide innovative and environmentally safe products that target the crevices where cockroaches hide.


We offer a fast and effective service with the highest priority on the safety of your family and pets.


How to prevent a german cockroach infestation in your home or office environment:

Store food in containers or in sealed plastic bags
Clean all waste food and spillages immediately
Clean food debris from under fridges or cookers
Clear used crockery and cutlery immediately
Remove pet food, water and litter trays overnight
Keep refuse or compost in sealed bins
Take care with soiled nappies or dirty clothing
Do not leave liquids in sinks or buckets overnight
Electromagnetic or ultrasonic repellents are generally ineffective and are not recommended to prevent or control cockroach infestations
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