Mosquito Control

The onset of the rainy season in South Africa does a whole lot more than make the surrounding foliage grow. They also bring out a whole host of creatures many of us would rather not deal with – most infuriating of all, mosquitoes. During this time, organised mosquito control is necessary not only because they make us itch, but also to prevent the spread of disease in humans and animals.

If you find yourself constantly swatting or scratching while under attack from a hoard of mosquitoes that just won’t go away – you need a safe and professional mosquito treatment to eliminate these biting pests for good.

Why choose our Mosquito Control Treatment?

Our mosquito control methods have been trusted since 1978

We provide a highly effective and long-lasting treatments

We work with you to identify the severity of the problem and provide the best solution

Our treatments are environmentally safe

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What we offer:

Targeted mosquito control methods

We use professional, effective mosquito treatment that work fast and are safe for a number of internal and external environments.

Quick and efficient Service

We work quickly to ensure that your mosquito problem is dealt with swiftly, minimising downtime for your family or business.

Professionally trained technicians

All our technicians are expertly skilled and registered with the Department of Agriculture.

How to avoid mosquito bites:

Avoid stagnant or standing pools of water where mosquitoes breed
Avoid wearing bright colours or strong scents
Where possible, cover exposed skin with a safe insect repellent
Cover all gaps in walls, doors, and windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering
Reduced exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants
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