Moth Control

Moths may not seem like a major problem on the surface, but their feeding larvae can be destructive, causing damage to clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets.  Therefore, an infestation can be frustrating and inconvenient to homeowners and businesses alike. While a minor moth infestation can be dealt with using most DIY products, an established moth problem is likely to require professional assistance. Pest Control Specialists provide safe and effective moth control treatments to get rid of moths for good.

Why use our Moth control Treatment?

We’ve conducted moth control since 1978

Our treatments are fast and effective

We are adept at removing large moth infestations

Our highest priority is safety

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What we offer:

A professional moth Control service

We can safely remove any moth infestation, large or small, or assist with repeat infestations.

Advise on how to prevent future infestations

We will advise you on how to prevent any future moth infestations and give you solutions to prevent recurring infestations.

Treatments that clean out the moth infestation

Our treatments will eradicate your moth infestation, including adult moths, maggot-like larvae, silken tubes and pupae in which moth larvae grow into adult moths.

How to prevent a moth infestation in your home or office environment:

Draw the curtains at night where interior lights are shining
Air out undisturbed dark areas, especially where textiles are stored
Do not store dirty clothing
Check lofts as moths are attracted to birds’ nests that may be in the eaves of the roof
Regularly vacuuming furniture will remove eggs before hatching
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