Snake Relocation

Although many snake species in Southern Africa can be harmless and generally avoid people, they may strike when threatened, causing painful bites to humans or animals. To the unsuspecting eye, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a venomous and non-venomous snake – making professional snake relocations the safest option if you find one or more on your property. When snakes in your backyard or on commercial grounds become a real problem, The Pest Control Specialists offers an effective snake relocation service to protect your property.

Why choose our professional snake relocation services?

We use expertly trained snake wranglers with all neccessary adn up-to-date permits to provide snake relocations programmes

Snakes are relocated to protected habitat areas

Snake relocation does not involve the use of any poisons, chemicals and does not harm the animal

All of the snake relacation service providers that we use are registered with the appropriate conservation departments

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What we offer:

Safe and effective relocations

Snake relocations are done in safe and  environmentall manner with no harm on the animal

Professionally trained handler

Our handlers are expertly trained and in possession of the necessary permits

Snake awareness training

Whether you own a private residence or manage a large commercial establishment, we can provide snake awareness training to you, your staff and family to ensure peaceful co-existence with our indigenous South African reptiles 

How to discourage snakes from using your property as harbourage:

Mow your lawn regularly. Snakes like to hide in tall grass and weeds.
Seal cracks in your property’s foundation, patio or other areas that may invite snakes to seek warmth.
Compost piles offer a great hiding place for snakes as well as rodents and insects. Keep it contained and be sure to turn it regularly.
Remove any piles of debris and trim overgrown vegetation where snakes can hide
Store woodpiles or any other stacked materials off the ground.
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