Food Safety Pest Management

From farm to table the integrated pest management journey. Does your business produce, process, manufacture, package, store, distribute, sell, prepare, or serve food?  You need to prevent and eliminate physical, chemical and biological food safety hazards, caused by rats, cockroaches, flies, ants and other pests.

Why use The Specialists for your food safety Pest Management needs?

We’ve been a trusted and recommended provider of food safety pest management since 1978

Our Technicians and Remedies are registered with the Department of Agriculture

Every branch is owned by a dedicated Franchisee, which means you will receive a ‘gold-standard service’ from a committed business owner

Whichever Food Safety Management System you have implemented our Pest Control program will be aligned and compliant to all the necessary HACCP criteria to ensure that you pass the Pest Control element of your Food Safety Audits comfortably but also that you have not infestation issues

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What we offer :

Pest free premises

Our pest control technicians are trained by industry experts to ensure you receive professional, effective results. They’re industry certified, thoroughly trained in health and safety best practice, and are adept at providing food safety pest control services in an unobtrusive manner.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Each client has unique pest control needs. We’ll conduct an extensive inspection of your premises, and then compile a commercial pest management programme that meets your specific requirements.

Nation-wide solutions

We’ve got branches across the country to ensure that wherever you are, there are expert pest control solutions near to you. Our extensive national footprint means we’re able to provide professional pest control solutions in all nine provinces.
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