Fumigation services

Fumigation is a process where a fumigant which is a chemical at required temperature and pressure can exist in a gaseous state in sufficient concentration which will be lethal to pest organisms. The target area is completely sealed off and filled with the fumigant gas in order to destroy the pest infestation that exists.  This method is mostly applied for Stored Product Insects in silos, Wood Destroying Organisms, ISPM 15 wood and container exports. Fumigation is a serious undertaking and has to be performed by an experienced, reputable pest control company. It is important for industrial workplaces and commercial facilities to have an effective pest control management program in place, however, if a problem occurs – fumigation solutions may be necessary to eradicate the problem. Pest Control Specialists are able to handle jobs of any size, depending on the type of building or structure that needs to be fumigated.

Container Fumigations

We deliver preventative container fumigation services to safeguard businesses in shipping and cargo, manufacturing, warehousing and agriculture – preventing the spread of pests and minimising the risk of damage to goods being transported locally or internationally.

Why get fumigation services from us?

We’ve offered fumigation services since 1978

We can address all your fumigation needs

Our highest priority is safety

Our technicians are registered with the Department of Agriculture in the field of fumigation

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What we offer:

State of the art FUMIGATION equipment

The entire building must be covered in gas-tight tarpaulins when the fumigant gas is introduced.

Procedural advice and safety

We conduct all fumigation services under strict supervision and with minimal disruption to your life. We will advise on the procedures that are due to take place, the time frames and how long the recovery time will be.

Safe and effective fumigation services

Whatever the location or the size of the job, we fumigate safely and effectively.

How to prevent hygiene problems in an industrial workplace:

Clear away all debris
Remove infested material
Coat all cracks and crevices with protective pesticide
Ensure that there is a thorough sanitation program in place

Fumigation vs Pest Control

Fumigation refers to the treatment of structures for pests such as wood-borer beetles and certain termites (excluding subterranean termites) using a fumigant which penetrates timber; as well as doing (preventative) fumigation of containers and / or packaging material for export purposes (ISPM-15); also fumigation works for the treatment of commodities such as flour-moths and weevils.

Specialised Fumigation

Qualified, trained personnel who are specifically registered by the Department of Agriculture in the field of fumigation carry out our specialised fumigation services safely and effectively. Our certified technicians will assist you with fumigation of any of the following:
Shipping Containers
ISPM-15 Certification
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