HealthCare Pest Control

In order to meet government regulations, all hospitals are required to have a stringent hospital pest control plan in place. Unlike other commercial pest control requirements, hospital pest control must be rendered in a way that won’t compromise the health and safety of patients and staff. The hygiene and cleanliness of your hospital plays a vital role in adequate pest control. Besides following a thorough cleaning plan and educating all staff about hospital pest control, it’s crucial that a professional pest control services company is used to provide regular, effective pest control solutions.

Why use The Specialists’ hospital pest control solutions?

Our Technicians and Remedies are registered with the Department of Agriculture

All of our pest control Technicians are registered with the Department of Agriculture

Our Technicians are expertly trained in health and safety best practice

Our Integrated Pest Management program in Health Care Environments ensure that you have lowered risk of contamination by pest borne pathogens , have infestations under control and patients satisfied with the service and premises of their health care provider

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What we offer :

Comprehensive premises inspection

We’ll assess your hospital premises in order to determine the pest control solutions best suited for your hospital. An all-encompassing pest control plan will then be compiled to adequately address your hospital’s unique needs.

Education about in-house pest control measures

We’ll provide you with information about sanitation, proper waste management and housekeeping in order to help you to address healthcare pest infestations at the root of their cause.


We’ll provide you with the required documentation once our services have been rendered, in accordance with local and national legislation, as well as for audit purposes.

Tips for the management of healthcare pest control

All staff must be educated about sanitation best practice
All kitchen staff must be educated about the proper disposal of waste
A detailed daily cleaning schedule must be adhered to
Outside rubbish bins must be tightly sealed and sanitised regularly
Professional pest control providers should be used for both pest control maintenance and for the immediate treatment of infestations
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