Restaurant Pest Control

Ensuring that your restaurant is compliant with municipal regulations as well as the Department of Health’s legislature is crucial. Pest control for restaurants needs to be conducted by a registered, professional pest control company in order to meet these requirements. Sub-par services rendered by amateurs or by DIY methods often result in ineffective pest control. For restaurants, this puts the entire operation, as well as customers and staff, and your reputation at risk. The spread of food-borne bacteria and illness can have dire consequences, which means that proper pest control procedures specifically tailored for restaurants must be regularly rendered.

Why use The Specialists' restaurant pest control solutions?

Our pest control services have been trusted and recommended by restaurants since 1978

Our Technicians and Remedies are registered with the Department of Agriculture

We have an extensive national footprint

Whichever Food Safety Management System you have implemented In your restaurant our Pest Control program will be aligned and compliant to all the necessary criteria to ensure that you pass the Pest Control element of your Food Safety Audits comfortably but also that you have not infestation issues

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What we offer :

A thorough premises inspection

We’ll assess your premises in order to determine your particular restaurant pest control requirements. We’ll then compile a pest control plan in order to adequately address your restaurant’s unique needs.

Education on concurrent pest control measures

We provide your staff and management with proper waste management, housekeeping and sanitation advice to ensure your business premises is kept pest free.

Expert technicians

All our technicians have been trained by industry experts to provide you with pest control solutions that are professionally delivered. They’re also trained in health and safety best practice, and equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that all individuals involved in the process are safe.

Tips to facilitate pest control in restaurants

While some pest infestations cannot be avoided, the cleanliness of your establishment plays a big part in an ongoing, effective pest control plan
Ensure that all food waste is properly disposed of, and is stored in tightly sealed bins which are regularly sanitised
Dirty grease traps act as beacons for pests, including cockroaches and flies. Making use of a professional grease trap cleaning service will ensure that you’re not unwittingly attracting pests
A meticulous cleaning schedule that’s strictly adhered to goes a long way in preventing an infestation from occurring
Restaurants and commercial eateries are required by law to document and record all pest control measures – ensure you’re using a provider who can provide you with this crucial documentation
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