Retail Store Pest Control

Maintaining an environment that’s pleasant and hygienic for your patrons requires a thorough and regular pest control schedule. High volumes of foot traffic, coupled with extensive operating hours can make this somewhat problematic. If you’re looking for pest control that specifically caters to retail stores, the Pest Control Specialists can assist.

With over 3 decades of experience in the pest control industry, we’re a trusted and recommended supplier of pest control for retail stores across Southern Africa. We provide our clients with solutions that effectively eradicate pests without disrupting their business, including: bird proofing, cockroach control, fly control and rodent control.

Why use The Specialists' pest control for retail stores?

We’ve been a trusted and recommended provider of retail pest control since 1978

Every branch is owned by a dedicated Franchisee, which means you will receive a ‘gold-standard service’ from a committed business owner

Our Technicians and Remedies are registered with the Department of Agriculture

Our Integrated Pest Management program in Retail and Shopping environment ensure that you have less damaged goods, have infestations under control and pass Food Safety Audits

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What we offer :

Expert in-house technicians

Trained by industry experts who have extensive experience in pest control for retail stores, our technicians are equipped with a wealth of knowledge. Professional and efficient, they specialise in rendering pest control for retail stores in a manner that won’t interrupt your staff or customers.

Great customer service

Your satisfaction is our priority. Each of our branches is individually owned, which means that you’ll enjoy personal, professional service that’s effective. We involve our customers throughout the pest control process, in order to ensure they’re absolutely satisfied with the results.

Tailor-made solutions

Every retail store has different pest control requirements. After a thorough inspection of your premises, we’ll compile a pest control plan that addresses your unique business needs.

pest control tips for retail stores:

Have a thorough cleaning schedule in place, and make sure that it’s strictly adhered to

Address your pest infestations at the source; pests are attracted to organic waste, as well as to water
Dispose of all waste properly, using tightly sealed bins that are regularly sanitised
Fix any leaking taps, pipes or air conditioners
Ensure that all restaurants have their grease traps professionally cleaned; dirty grease traps act as a beacon for hungry pests
Have a pest control programme in place that’s rendered by a professional pest control company in order to ensure that you receive superior results
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