Tobacco Beetle Control

The larval stages of the cigarette beetle can feed on a variety of stored products including grain, cereal products, ginger, raisins, dates, pepper, dried fish, drugs, and seeds. Tobacco beetles feed on stored food products, contaminating them with excrement and dead bodies which can destroy entire stores of food. Recently, Tobacco beetles have begun infesting stored museum collections, using a newly developed biodegradable packing material as its food source. The surest sign of a tobacco beetle infestation is the adult beetles, often recognized as small brown beetles. Another indication of a cigarette beetles’ infestation is holes in the packaging and powdered form of the material coming out of the holes. Because of their endless munching, the beetles eat their way through their food source and leave holes while exiting the material. The object is to eliminate adult beetles that have dispersed from the infested materials. If the treatment misses any beetles, they can re-infest quickly. For that reason, it is usually advisable to have Pest Control Specialists do this treatment.

Why choose our Tobacco Beetle Control Treatment?

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We’ve been treating stored products insects problems since 1978

We will ensure that our remedies won't contaminate any of your food stores.

Our highest priority is safety.

We can treat stored products insects infestations in both homes and commercial warehouses.

Our treatments are environmentally safe.

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Controlling Tobacco beetles in homes begins with a thorough inspection. Since these beetles can feed on such a variety of products, it is important to find all infested items.

A comprehensive cleaning of the area Can be provided if requested

Since these beetles can infest so many types of products, inspect thoroughly. There may be several infested products.

Safe & effective Tobacco Beetle control

The use of remedies is necessary however it will be administered with care by our registered pest control technicians.

How to prevent a Tobacco Beetle infestation:

Use a vacuum to clean the shelves of all pantries and cabinets where food is stored.
Buy packaged food in sealed containers.
Check the packaging date.
Store new food products in sealed glass or plastic containers
Store food in airtight containers.
Dried food can be stored in your fridge or freezer.
Keep your pantry clean as exposed food will attract insects.
Discard any food that is infested.
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