Pest Control FAQ's

At Pest Control Specialists, we get a lot of questions about insect removal, rodent control and pest treatment options. So much so, we've put together a handy guide to answer all your pest control related questions.

Can I treat my own pest problem?

This depends on the pest and also the extent of the infestation. Certain common household pests such as ants, cockroaches and rodents (rats and mice) may be successfully treated using commercially available remedies or DIY methods if treated early and correctly. (i.e. placing rodent baits where the target pest will not find it will be ineffective).

It is advisable to select a professional pest control company for safe and effective solutions for infestations, or for challenging pests such as termites, wood-borer beetles, flies, fleas, fish-moths and lawn pests.

How do I select a pest control company to safely and effectively solve my problem?

A reputable pest control company will measure up to the following criteria:

  • Well-established track record and proven history of professional service to satisfied customers
  • Member of industry association such as: SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association)
  • Formal, established Customer Care Programme to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Written guarantees
  • Communicate responsibly before, during and after work rendered
  • Comply with Consumer Protection Act as well as other legal and industry standards / specifications
How safe is your Pest Control?

A responsible pest management company makes use of environmentally safe remedies, with the focus being on non-chemical measures to prevent and eliminate pest infestation.

Where chemicals are used, careful selection of least risk options (i.e. environmentally safe) are selected and only applied in targeted areas (actual breeding and harbourage areas where pests manifest).

Pest Control Specialists use only remedies registered with Department of Agriculture (Act 36/1974), and treatments are carried out by trained and qualified technicians.

What can I do to prevent infestation?

There are many reasons why a pest infestation could occur, however, following these steps can help you prevent and control pest problems.

  • Clean likely hiding places, i.e. cracks, crevices in floors, baseboards and vents frequently
  • Keep all spaces around stoves, refrigerators and cabinets clean
  • Clean up food spills and crumbs completely and immediately
  • Do not leave unwashed dishes overnight in a sink or a cabinet
  • Keep food stored in tightly closed containers
  • Since dry dog or cat food may provide a picnic for cockroaches, rodents and ants, it is best to store it in a container with a lid and avoid putting out more food than the pet will eat
  • Inspect incoming grocery bags and soft drink containers for hidden insects and their eggs
  • Remove trash and garbage daily
  • Repair all dripping taps.
  • Seal off possible entryways for rats and mice (a mouse can get through an opening as small as 25mm wide)
  • Vacuum mattresses regularly to remove dust mites and their eggs
  • Do regular spring cleaning

To make sure your property is kept clean and sanitised, find out more about the cleaning services that we offer.

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