Wasp Removal

A sting from a wasp can be very painful, and could also lead to severe allergic reactions, which is why these stinging insects are so unpopular. What’s more, they can be difficult to control once they establish a nest on your property. For this reason, a wasp removal treatment is essential to remove and prevent an infestation. Dealing with wasps nests can be a dangerous task because they tend to defend their nests aggressively. If you experience a wasp infestation, contact your local Pest Control Specialists branch for professional assistance.

Why choose our Wasp Control Treatment?

We’ve been treating wasp infestations since 1978

We provide a highly effective treatment

Our treatments are environmentally safe

Our highest priority is safety

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What we offer:

Full-service was removal solutions

Our knowledgeable technicians will assess the severity of the problem before using environmentally safe pest control methods to safely treat wasp nests.

Effective wasp removal methods

We help you establish an effective and long-lasting wasp removal for peace of mind when it comes to preventing future wasp/bee problems.

Wasp removal treatments that are safe and effective

We provide innovative and environmentally safe solutions that are highly targeted at removing wasp nests from your home or business.

How to prevent wasps from nesting on your property:

Stinging insects like to make their nests in shady, protected areas so be sure to seal off open spaces in trees or hollow areas in your roof.
Secure bin lids and make sure that any food left outdoors or compost piles are removed or covered.
Seal any entry points such as doors and windows to prevent stinging insects from entering your home or office.
If you do spot stinging insect nests on your property, keep away from it and avoid swatting any insects that come close to you.
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