Weevil Control

Once weevils have made their way into your home or food establishment, they can be pretty persistent and difficult to get rid of. Weevils are regarded as stored product insects, which means that they are most likely to invade pantries or food storage areas where they can get a ready supply of nourishment for themselves and their larvae. Apart from removing their food supply altogether, a weevil control plan may be necessary to remove and prevent an infestation. If you’re tired of throwing away spoiled food as a result of relentless weevil infestations – call the experts in stored products insects treatment to provide professional assistance.

Why choose our Weevil Control Treatment?

weevil control

We’ve been treating stored products insects problems since 1978

We will ensure that our remedies won't contaminate any of your food stores.

Our highest priority is safety.

We can treat stored products insects infestations in both homes and commercial warehouses.

Our treatments are environmentally safe.

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What we offer:


The treatment must not present any hazard to the end use product, nor must it spread the infestation.

A comprehensive cleaning of the area Can be provided is requested 

 All areas, nooks and crannies can be thoroughly cleaned out, including pet foods and birdseed bins if required.

Safe & effective weevil control

The use of remedies is necessary however it will be administered with care by our registered pest control technicians.

How to prevent a weevil infestation:

Do not store food for longer than four months.
Buy packaged food in sealed containers.
Check the packaging date.
Packaging wrapped in clear plastic can be checked for the presence of insects.
Store food in airtight containers.
Dried food can be stored in your fridge or freezer.
Keep your pantry clean as exposed food will attract insects.
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