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A guide for moms on hand hygiene

The plain and simple truth is that we are covered in germs. The germs that present on our skin are there to help us stay healthy but in addition to these ‘good’ germs we also pick up bad germs from contact with other people or objects around us. These germs can cause...

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The real culprit of seasonal allergies

Do you or your family members suffer from allergies? Does the change of season see you reaching for tissue after tissue and grabbing your antihistamines? Seasonal allergies can be extremely debilitating, keeping many off work and rushing to their doctors in the hope...

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The importance of dry carpet cleaning

  Isn’t it ironic how carpets are an incredibly expensive investment that we make in our homes and yet they are trodden on by our dirty shoes, often spilt on and used as by our pets as makeshift beds? While the quick answer might be to get rid of your carpets and tile...

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Is your restaurant compliance up to scratch?

We recently wrote a blog in which we unpacked a chicken food incident. In this blog we delved into the dangers of irresponsible food safety practices and how it directly impacts the community. Food safety is paramount to maintaining a healthy society and any company...

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Eight DIY tips to get rid of your ant problem

Ants are one of the most common household pests. No matter how clean your home is, all it takes is one night of not rinsing off your dinner plates and the following morning a little black line of ants are foraging for your leftovers. The common garden ant is not...

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Five steps to pest control for restaurants

in a restaurant can make or break the establishment. By employing excellent standards of hygiene and practices the reputation of your restaurant will remain intact. Whereas if the standard is sub-par your restaurant will not only lose face and lose patrons but they...

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