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The non-negotiables of health and safety in a restaurant

Running a restaurant is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be a managerial maestro, a curator of creative cuisine, and a heavyweight health and safety officer. While far from glamorous, the latter is a crucial role, and if not taken seriously, can be the...

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How to deep clean your home like a pro

If the thought of wading through stacks of year-old magazines, cobweb-covered gym equipment that’s never seen the light of day and piles of clothes that you may wear, one day, if you lose 5kgs, has you breaking out in hives, you’re not alone. Instead of diving...

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Load shedding best practice for businesses in South Africa

South Africans across the country are scrambling to stock up on candles, solar-powered appliances and generators after Eskom’s recent re-instatement of rolling blackouts. This comes after their announcement that load shedding is set to last for the next three years....

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Drawing up a tenant contract? Read this first.

Managing and leasing property can be a lucrative investment – one that’s also fraught with challenges. Nurturing a relationship between the body corporate, managing agent, landlord and tenants take some wherewithal. It’s a no brainer then that your tenant contract is...

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Life hack: Your pantry pest problems, solved.

After drooling over Nigella’s risotto recipe for weeks, a friend decided to conquer her fear of anything vaguely domestic and whip up what she assured us would be a meal worthy of Masterchef. Unfortunately, we never got to taste the infamous dish. The reason? Weevils!...

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