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Our top tips to home cleaning the green way.

The pungent smell of bleach and anti-bacterial sprays once signalled a sparkling clean abode. Today, home cleaning methods hark back to the days when industrious housekeepers made their own home cleaning solutions. As families seek safer, more environmentally-friendly...

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Ants in your pant (ry)? Our guide to ant control.

Thanks to their incredible work-ethic, industrious nature and habit of appearing (seemingly) out of nowhere, ants have rightfully earned themselves a formidable reputation. What this means for homeowners however, is that they’ll inevitably encounter these busy-bodies...

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Lawn dressing tips – Preparing your lawn for summer

A perfectly lush, green lawn is not only appealing to the eye but rewarding too. That said, looking after your lawn under the hot African sun is hard work. Besides our climate – which can be harsh in many parts of the country – there are various other obstacles that...

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All you ever wanted to know about bed bugs (infographic)

As far as creepy crawlies go, bed bugs are right up there with lice. No one wants to talk about them, but most people have had some sort of encounter with these heeby-jeeby-inducing critters. Unfortunately, bed bugs love to live in the very place that you spend a...

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How often should I be cleaning and servicing my grease traps?

Maintaining a hygienic operation is crucial for all commercial establishments, and for a restaurant, the cleanliness of all areas can either make or break its success as an eatery. (For a quick refresher, read our blog on best hygiene practice here). All areas of an...

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