Pest control services

Pest control services

Protecting our customers’ health, food and property since 1978 - safely and reliably.  As part of The Specialists Franchise Group, Pest Control Specialists™ is equipped to help eliminate and prevent general pest issues such as household insects, rodents and other pests for both residential and commercial customers throughout Southern Africa.


"I have been using pest control for a number of years now and am extremely satisfied with your service. I am also very impressed by your persistence in trying to reach me when treatments are due. Well done and keep up the good work" Pest Control Services

"Pest Control Specialists have successfully implemented an ADVANCED TERMITE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in gaining full control of a very serious termite attack on the ORAPA HOUSE HIGH RISE BUILDING, that falls under The Office of The President." Continue Reading>> Advanced Termite Management

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Pest articles

7 Diseases You Can Get from Common Household Pests

Apart from being a nuisance and an unwelcome sight, the pests that you find in your home or office could actually pose a more serious threat to your health and wellbeing. While some pests transmit disease by biting or stinging, others pick up disease-causing bacteria...

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Bug Off: Why Flies Won’t Leave You Alone

The scene is all too familiar. You’re sitting around, minding your own business and suddenly a fly appears. So, what do you do? You swat it away. Instead of leaving you, however, it hangs around – circling you and generally just buzzing about, no matter how...

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The Ultimate Pest Control Planner for Your Home & Business

Throughout the year, different types of pests can be observed in abundance at certain times and in certain seasons. In South Africa, we experience seasonal pest activity as a result of weather conditions which facilitate their reproduction. It’s why we are overwhelmed...

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The Top Bacteria Hotspots in Your Home & Office

Every day, we go about our business without a second thought. We make a cup of coffee, photocopy a document, grab some water, or even push a door open. Throughout the day, we come in to contact with a number of surfaces that many others have touched, bringing with...

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Pest Control vs. IPM: What’s the Difference?

For many restaurant owners, getting rid of pests has always been seen as a grudge purchase. You see a pest, you call a pest control company to eliminate the problem. That’s it. However, if you really want effective control that will prevent insects and rodents from...

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5 Ugly Truths About DIY Fly Control Methods

During the warmer months of December to March, flies become a major menace to many South African households. Often, the first reaction after spotting a few too many flies hanging around, is to try get rid of them through DIY fly control methods. Fly strips, fly...

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The Top 5 Pests Found in Hotel & Commercial Kitchens

Running a kitchen can be a demanding job without having to worry about pests jeopardising the health and well-being of customers, not to mention creating unsanitary working conditions for employees. Besides the risk to public health, pests also pose a serious threat...

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