More Pest species

There are thousands of other, less common pests that reside in Southern Africa, some of which are listed below.

Varied Carpet Beetles

Their name comes from the varied spectrum of colours on their backs.

Powderpost Beetles

These pests lay their eggs in cracks of wood. The larvae then continues to tunnel to the surface,


filling the surface with a powder-like dust. Their bodies are characterised by the long, narrow and flat shape that allows them to attach to wood surfaces easily. Their colour is reddish brown.


House Dust Mites

In the early 1990s, these mites were a very popular subject in pest control, and interest in


these mites has recently increased again. These mites are impossible to see with the naked eye, they are known to feed off dead skin cells from humans as well as other protein substances.


Water Conducting Fungi

This is a special brown rot causing widespread wood decay. It causes water to conduct up to 10


metres away from the point of infestation. It does this by rhizomorphs, which are dense masses of filaments forming a root-like structure.

Two different species can be found: The first is Poria incrassata found along the Pacific Coast, and the second is Merulius lacrymans (“teardrop fungus”) found in Europe and the Northeastern states.


Pest Control

Whilst a wide range of DIY and off-the-shelf products are available to get rid of other pests, a large infestation may require professional pest control to ensure the problem won’t reoccur.

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